Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Special Day

Friday was a great day. While some may think I am a bit of a kook for caring so much about this, my glee shall go unabashed. While one ounce of roasted coffee may not seem like much to most, it is an overwhelming and bountiful harvest to me.

On Friday afternoon, after passing my tiny little bag of roasted beans around for anyone to see, I set about the good old cupping ritual. I was pleased to get to share my little liquid treasure with a small group of co-workers who took some time away from there duties to grab a spoon and a sip.

I prepared the precious cup. While not as fragrant as most of the great coffees of my employer, I was satisfied by hints of tropical fruit. The water added little to the aroma, but the taste did suprise. While my friends and colleges were supportive, I was aware that expectations of any perceptible postive flavors were low. The coffee proved simple, sweet and straightforward. Peter felt is was a close representation of what a true Java coffee should be. No acidity and good body, a coffee that goes best with a more complex companion in a blend. While overall the flavor experience was positive, I must admit that a mild but persistant acrid aftertaste followed me around for a while after.

So what is next, you ask? Beside an attempt to bring one professional's humble insights into our changing industry to the public view, I must now take on an even greater pursuit in my Quest.

One pound of fresh coffee, for sale to the highest bidder. All the money collected donated to a coffee related charity. Give me a year, please.


grumblemurray said...

Congratulations. Pretty cool achievement.

I'm trying to figure out what, if any, coffee related charities might exist. I think I may be one.

daniel said...

Hey Daryn,

Congrats on your youngest child! Wish I could have been there to witness the glory.


Jesse said...

Congratulations my friend.
Ive been reading your blog for the
last couple days...just in time for the exciting stuff.

Can't wait to see ya again.


JIm said...

Great Daryn,
It's high time we end our dependence on foreign... coffee!

Viva Finca Berlin!