Sunday, August 06, 2006

How Long?

A long, slow process....that is what the ripening of beans seems to be. Peter G. tolde me that it takes 9 months for cherries to get fully ripe. Good thing I am patient. The plant had another growth spurt, and added about 8 more inches to its height. All of the beans are in good shape, and seem to have stopped getting larger. They are assorted sizes, but all seem to be healthy.

I am concerned about the plant being root bound. I know that I need to re-pot it, but hesistate to do it until the harvest is over!

I don't want to do anything that may cause trauma. I have seen on pictures of coffee plants at source that often the branches with beans lose many (or all) of their leaves. This seems to be occuring on mine, so I guess that is a good sign. I am watering a liitle less than in recent months, but no so little that the leaves ever droop.

I lot of people have asked me where I got my plant. It was a gift from a friend. When I got it 5 years ago it was very small, and it took a LONG time to start really growing. It seems to be easier and easier to buy a small coffee plant. Those interest should do a few simple thing to get it going. It is VERY important to keep it well drained! I had mine in a pot with no holes for a long time, and it grew very sickly and suffered from what I think was root rot.

So that is about it for now. I do think to myself that I should post more. I guess I don't because the process is so slow, and I don't think there is anything new to report. Anyway, thanks to those who have commented on the blog or to me personally. I appreciate it.