Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Growth

There are some buds forming on the main plant. So far it looks like there are more than last year, but still no great amount. The plant is growing pretty fast and I wonder if the less mature branches aren't able to bud.

I picked cherries from the trees in a guys house that lives near by a couple months ago. I crammed some of them in the soil of another houseplant. Low and behold, two sprouts popped up. They are so close together I can only assume they are from one cherry. I didn't remove the skin before putting them in the soil. The plant they popped up from is on a table in the living room away from any windows. The area is bright during the day, but gets no direct sunlight. I have another couple pots all crammed with cherries that I have been keeping in the sun. Needless to say I moved them over near the plant with the sprouts.

So this has nothing to do with growing coffee, but I saw this neon sign in Manhattan a couple weeks ago. I love shit like this, it cracks me up.