Friday, May 26, 2006

Small Lots.

An Estate is born......Finca Nueva Berlin

The beans are maturing nicely. Wow, what a water hungry plant! I have been watering it a couple times a week, almost a gallon each time.

Check out the natives.

By the way, is anyone who reads this able to give me some tips about formatting? I am HTML illiterate, and even the "any idiot can do this" plug in's are giving me trouble. I see lots of other blogs with better graphics and sensible page breaks. Any help would be appreciated (Can you say how's about a couple pounds of Counter Culture Coffee??)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Small Miracle.

Beans! Beans! A magical fruit....

Seems it has finally happened. I noticed a week or so ago these little green nubs where the flowers fell off. I thought they were probably beans, but I didn't want to presume anything until I was sure. So they have steadily grown over the past couple weeks, and more flowers have popped up too.

The plant continues to grow, and it is starting to lean a bit too. I think I may need to tie it off to the ceiling! the big question. How to process the beans?