Friday, May 26, 2006

Small Lots.

An Estate is born......Finca Nueva Berlin

The beans are maturing nicely. Wow, what a water hungry plant! I have been watering it a couple times a week, almost a gallon each time.

Check out the natives.

By the way, is anyone who reads this able to give me some tips about formatting? I am HTML illiterate, and even the "any idiot can do this" plug in's are giving me trouble. I see lots of other blogs with better graphics and sensible page breaks. Any help would be appreciated (Can you say how's about a couple pounds of Counter Culture Coffee??)

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Andy C said...

Looking good there Daryn. How long should the fruit take to mature? Given any thought to repotting it in the fall? For its height I bet it's got a nice root ball forming.

Regarding HTML; to learn formatting is to learn at least some basics of a markup language. Depending on your want of a time investment you generally either learn most of it (which really isn't all that rocket science, just a semantic), or you just get by with whatever graphical UI's exist. When you are posting you're images through the graphics editor it asks about placement, is that not enough gas for you?

There are many resources online that can get you up and started poking around. A fantastic book I recommend to beginners is Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML, the writer is one of my favorites and her faciniating blog on learning and making people/users passionate can be found at Creating Passionate Users.

That's enough to fill your head I'm sure.