Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still Growing

Spring has been a good season. The re-potted plants continue their journey outward and upward. The big plant has proven to be a real fast mover. It reminds me of a conversation with Aida Battle of Finca Mauritania fame that occurred last fall. She had done a significant pruning at her farms that year and was very pleased with how fast the trees had been growing since.
I am also happy, but cautious, to report that the one newly sprouted seed that resulted from my germination attempt is still around. The way you see it in the picture is how it has been for a couple weeks now. The seed has not fallen off and there are no leaves yet, but it seems to be growing a bit and maintaining its strength. I continue to be amazed by coffees patient nature. Just when I have started to think things would never happen (flowers, cherries, sprouted seed) is when they do.