Monday, December 05, 2005

Hey, Bud!

Okay, I know it has been many moons since I posted, but honestly, nothing was really happening until recently. But things are definitely going on now! After a month or two of little no growth, and a sometimes droopy looking plant, things pick up last week.
A new sprout came from the top, and some of the existing branches started growing new leaves. I thought this a bit odd, as it has been much cooler lately as winter approaches. But then I thought of something. We keep the heat set at 68 degrees, a full 10 degrees cooler than the AC setting when it is hot.
I wonder if that distinct and constant temperature change has had a positive effect?

This new growth is cool, but it's not the big news of the day. Oh no, not the big news at all. I was admiring the new growth earlier this week and glanced at a branch where the leaves come from the stem and saw something I have never seen before. Hmmm?? Could it be?? Yes, I think it is!! Flower buds. And as I looked over the plant, I noticed them everywhere. Now the fun begins. I have to see what may come of these little buds. A while back I asked Tony Cleese of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association what I should do to promote flowering. He said P (phosphorus) is a must, and gave me a few organic options. I wonder where I can get some chicken manure??

So wrapping it up, I PROMISE the multitude (both) of my blog fans that I will pick up the pace on the postings. A cup of coffee is coming, I just know it.