Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Small Miracle.

Beans! Beans! A magical fruit....

Seems it has finally happened. I noticed a week or so ago these little green nubs where the flowers fell off. I thought they were probably beans, but I didn't want to presume anything until I was sure. So they have steadily grown over the past couple weeks, and more flowers have popped up too.

The plant continues to grow, and it is starting to lean a bit too. I think I may need to tie it off to the ceiling! Hmmm...now the big question. How to process the beans?


TheCoffeeMuse said...

Hey Daryn,

Just stumbled upon this, I have always wondered if this were possible. My curiosity about the taste is killing me. North Carolinan Berlin. Pretty good name.

Scott C.

Jason Haeger said...

It's producing!

Very cool.

Troy said...


did you have to pollinate the flowers at all? I know for some inside plants you would have to use a brush on each flower. Of course, outside this would normally be done by insects.

Daryn said...

Hi Troy. The flowers gave off lots of white dusty pollin. I just gave the tree a little shake now and then and presto!

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