Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Roses? Nah.

Well, big news on the coffee front. Flowers! I started heavy watering a few weeks back along with some bone meal. I was about to give up on any chance of flowers coming from the buds, and on my way out of the house the other morning I glanced at the plant and behold!! They are popping out in several places where buds have been. It seems the ones that are doing the best are on stems that grew late last fall. The plant has continued to grow taller as well. I had to take it off the table it was on and put it on the floor. No signs of slowing down, so maybe I should consider naming my estate and looking for an exporter!!

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Andy C said...

That's awesome Daryn. The macro shots are looking great. Glad everything is healthy and a.ok.

Any hurdles you've had to overcome?

I might have to get a clone of your lady once she's finished flowering.