Saturday, December 30, 2006

Major Surgery

I went to Home Depot the other day, and came home with a couple giant new pots, a butt-load of dirt, and some rooting hormone. Four hours later my beloved tree had become but one of 13. A massive pruning session was a bit scary, but I really feel like it was the right thing to do. I used up all my compost in the new mix, worms and all.

I knew the three plants in one pot had to be root bound, but what I say did surprise me a bit. Their new homes are MUCH larger, and the queen tree of the trio is enjoying a new life in a pot 30" across. It took over 100 pounds of the new soil mix to fill.

The best looking tops became my first attempt at propagating. I am happy to report that all 10 of the new plants are thriving. A few of them were rife with the buds of my fly crop, and they continue to develop. I built a mini-greenhouse out of wood dowels and saran wrap, and it has been living in a sunny spot on an old heating pad.

One of the new little plants sprouted the nicest flowers yet. It is clear that the wet and humid environment of the little greenhouse has been a real treat for the new additions. It allowed me an opportunity to get some great photos of the jasmine fragranced gems.

Some of you may remember in the SERBC this year I used a little pumpkin that grew in my compost pile as a centerpiece. Well, some of those same seeds made it into my plant's new pots, and a few sprouts have appeared. Just for kicks I think I will see how well they develop.

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