Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Final Countdown

It is finally time. The harvest is complete, the beans are prepared, and the roaster is warming up. I am going to roast the massive booty of beans in the middle of this week, and cup them on Friday. Anyone who wants a spoonful (that’s may be about all there is to share!) should show up at Counter Culture Coffee world headquarters this Friday the 15th, at 3:00pm.

On another note, I have made a major decision for my plants near future. As much as I have enjoyed the overwhelming growth over the past year, I have decided to prune it. I spoke to Aida Batlle at length during her recent visit to North Carolina. She pointed out some things I was not aware of. One interesting tidbit was that it is rare for each branch to produce more than once. Seems if I don’t prune, even though my tree should continue its vertical growth, my harvests will eventually need a ladder to retrieve. The choice to prune now is made tougher by the fact that I am already seeing a significant number of new buds develop. I think if I were to let them develop a fly crop even better than the one I am about to roast would be eminent. That said I still believe that the pruning is a good idea. I will finally be able to attempt to separate the three plants, and repotting to a larger container for the main tree will be made easier as well.

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caroline said...

Wish I could be there tomorrow to try a sip.