Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Quest Commentary

I am really pleased to be so close to tasting the nectar that comes from the fruit of my plant. I get a real sense of pride from the whole process. I am sure people have "grown their own" before, but in my 12 years in the biz, I haven't heard of it happening. I have been a reluctant coffee fanatic for years. I have enjoyed drinking coffee since first discovering the flavors hidden in the whole bean coffee I would buy and grind in the 1980's. My journey as a coffee professional has covered many areas. From roasting on a little drum roaster, to making fancy espresso based beverages, to proudly selling what I believe to be the greatest beverage in the world.

I love to inspire other coffee people, and recognize how much there is to learn and share. I think I know a lot, and so little at the same time. Sometimes I take for granted how fascinating my chosen profession is to others. I also have to remind myself how lucky I am to being getting paid for doing what I love. The last year for me in this business has been by far the best. I get to jump on a plane every week, and visit with other coffee lovers and coffee hopefuls. I get to see what different businesses and enthusiasts find the most important part of their own passionate quests. I see those who don't get it at all, those who seem to care a bit too much, and those who know a little and ache for more. I feel like a conduit, and a liaison. I feel honored to be considered an expert, and have to remind myself I am not a fraud.

It is time for my Quest for Coffee to change. While I have always felt it is a bit egotistical to think the average person want to read what I have to say, I must thank the Internet age for making it free to find out. Look for new posts and pictures, and more personal opinions in my Quest. I hope my writing comes across with humility and insight. I hope my genuine passion comes through with a laser focus. I hope that someone who reads this goes away thinking just a little bit differently about something they love, even if it is not coffee.


tony riffel said...

Daryn, you certainly have been a big inspiration for us and our never ending quest to provide a superior quality product. I can't thank you enough for challenging me/us to make it happen. Looking forward to new posts detailing the culture you discover in other cities.

Phil Proteau said...

I just discoved this endevor of yours, and I am suprised that I was not aware of it sooner.

I am captivated by the developmnets of yours beans and your drying process. It will be nice if you can harvest enough for a couple of cups. Not that I am posturing for a taste myslef, but it would be very validating to have other taste buds reviewing your product, you know, an objective observer.

Looking forward to more updates,