Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harvest Complete

I finished the harvest. A total of three picks have yielded a bumper harvest, as far as I am concerned. The heater vent drying method seems to be working well. The parchment remains a bit sticky, which is cool. It shows me how important the mucilage must be to the flavor of the bean. I thought that the mucilage would certainly all dry up after a week on a dryer vent, but it hasn't. I was surprised by how much smaller the green beans are once removed from the parchment.

Hey look, a fly crop! I am beginning to realize that since my plant isn't susceptible to real outdoor seasons, if I play my cards right I can probably harvest continuously. Even as the last of the first crop gets picked, I am already getting new buds on other limbs.
I hope to be able to get more photos of flowering in the future. It is tough because they only seem to last a day or two, and I am often out of town.

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