Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Love Spring.

The air is warm and breezy, the sun shines longer, and the plants start growing! I am so excited by what I have seen recently with my trees. All three are showing strong signs of growth, and the largest of them is growing so fast I swear I can almost see it happening. Now that I have faith the the big, traumatic pruning and separation was a success, I choose to offer the trees a bit of organic love. A healthy dose of organic blood meal and organic bone meal were their first feedings of any kind since last fall. I am looking forward to outdoor nighttime temperatures continuing to rise, as I feel an prolonged al fresco stint will do them well.

I have also been obsessively checking the germinating seeds. I was about to give up on them again, when a little sprout gave me hope once again. Of the twenty seeds I have planted, it is the only one to do anything so far, but I imagine at least a few more should offer some hope. The sprout is changing very slowly, and I not sure how long to leave it in the covered tray on a warm heating bad. I don't want to remove it to soon.

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